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Because running a successful dental practice takes more than just clinical excellence.

About Empowered Dentistry

Inspired by two decades of collaboration with clinicians, Empowered Dentistry is a space for dental professionals to gain and exchange useful resources, build meaningful connections with each other, and thrive beyond the operatory. No spam. No ads.

Be sure to check out our latest Healthy Practice Playbook written by our Friends at Startup Tandem and be sure that your practice is not only legally compliant but also set up to ensure it stays that way!

Join fellow dental professionals and students

Share ideas, learn new skills, brainstorm, and stay connected. From local meetups and advice sessions with top marketers to virtual happy hours and Q&A sessions, there’s something for everyone.

New to being a part of an online community? We got you. Once you’re added, you'll get a walk-through, and we are always here to answer questions.

What to Expect

Connections & Peer Support

  • Set up a profile and easily find others with shared interests and experiences.
  • Connect with other industry professionals through our member directory.
  • Engage in conversations on key topics like finding new patients, staffing challenges, and clinical procedures.


Valuable Resources

  • Unlimited access to our practice management playbooks, written by industry veterans.

  • Regular webinars and live streams with special guests and industry leaders.

  • Monthly knowledge exchange in small, facilitated mastermind groups.

Exclusive Member Benefits

  • Invitations to exclusive virtual and in-person events.

  • From open community spaces to role-specific groups and topic-based discussions, you’re in control of where and how you connect.

  • Access to the Empowered Dentistry community via mobile app.

You Get What You Give

Real community comes from contribution

“If we create networks with the sole intention of getting something, we won’t succeed. We can’t pursue the benefits of networks; the benefits ensue from investments in meaningful activities and relationships.”

~ Adam Grant

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